10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Standalone Smartwatch

You probably know about the smartwatch technology but you do not know everything these watches can do. Technology has amazingly improved. You can now have a wristwatch do all the things your phone can do. Let me enlighten you about android wear tips and tricks.android wear tips and tricks

10 Secret Things You Didn’t Know About Standalone Smartwatch

1. Standalone

What does this mean? It simply means that a smartwatch can operate completely independent of another device. You do not even have to integrate it to a computer or phone system. It does okay on its own.

2. LTE network Connections

It may sound unreal that a watch can actually have a 4g connection but with these new smartwatches it is all possible. You can access the internet using a wristwatch.

3. E-sim card

You know how you can make and receive calls on a phone? It’s also possible with the standalone smartwatch as it has a slot for a sim card. This allows you to actually have a number that someone can call or text you on.

4. GPS

You cannot get lost when you’re wearing one of these pieces. It has GPS to track your movements and google maps to give you any location that you want on the map.

5. Storage space

You do not have to worry about files and images anymore. You can actually save them on this wrist watch as it has quite an amount of storage space in RAM. It is more like a phone on your wrist.

6. Bluetooth

As much as a device can operate independently, you always need connection with other devices in case of file sharing. A standalone smartwatch has Bluetooth to support this. You can easily connect to your phone or wireless headphones .

7. Use as Credit Card

With banking embracing technology, the phone has become your bank. It’s the same with the standalone smartwatch. You can actually use it as a credit card to pay for your shopping anytime. The bank is on your wrist now.

8. Play Store

With the watch enabled with internet connection, you can now download applications on it as it has play store installed. You do not have to integrate it to a phone to access any application. You just download the application and start using it.

9. Fitness tracker

Have you been worried about your health lately? A standalone smartwatch will come with GoogleFit or a heartbeat rate monitor to track your fitness activities and give results of the analysis. You also get recommendations on what to do or what not to do regarding your health and fitness.

10. Waterproof

Did you know you can jog in the rain wearing your watch and it does not spoil or get any malfunction? Yes! There are watches that are this great. You no longer have to worry about water spilling on your expensive smartwatch and ruining it.


Standalone Smartwatch is a storm that is sweeping the world at a high speed and replacing smartphones. Very soon all you’ll need is just a watch and you can go on all your errands with ease. Now you know ten useful things about these watches.

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