8 Tips about Smart Jewelry You Can’t Afford To Miss

Smart jewelry are high tech wearable that give you high tech functionality. Technology is truly advancing at a fast pace. Jewelry manufacturers are not only making fancy jewelry but also functional jewelry. Smart jewelry has been in the industries for quite some time now.

Initially, they were made of larger sizes than the traditional jewelry. Nowadays the companies involved are coming up with smaller sizes.

This makes them more stylish and many people are wearing them. Who wouldn’t want a stylish yet functional jewelry? Now let’s discuss eight tips about smart gallery you can’t afford to miss.Tips about Smart jewelry

8 Tips about Smart jewelry You Can’t Afford To Miss

1. Use as a Phone Extension

There are times that you will need to leave your phone for a while. You may be out for your morning jog. A smart jewelry notifies you when important information has been sent.

They mostly do this by sending discreet notifications in the form of buzzes. You can also choose to have notifications from your choice of apps.

Some smart jewelry have LED lights but you can choose to turn them off. These notifications are mainly sent by Bluetooth with little or low energy.

2. Manage Stress

Everyone knows that stress is a little unavoidable. When experiencing stress, it is advisable to minimize it or manage it. This is where a smart jewelry will be of a little assistance.

It detects stress from the few activities that you do. Sleep and breathing patterns will help the wearable detect stress. In turn, the jewelry will remind that you should take a walk or have a meditation for relaxation.

3. Track Your Health Habits

This is great for women who want to track their menstrual cycles. Smart jewelry track that for you and provide the next period. They can keep the menstrual cycle records to show your fertility days.

4. For Safety

Women are known to feel insecure walking at night. One way for you to feel secure is wearing a smart jewelry. Most of them are discreet so it’s hard for anyone to know it’s a security device. You can easily call for help by just pressing a button. Some of them can allow tracking when you are traveling.

5. For Fitness

A smart jewelry can help you stay fit. They can track your calorie intake or output. When jogging, they can also truck the distance you have covered.

6. Tracking Sleep Patterns and Steps

This is best when you actually sleep with the jewelry. They can easily track your sleep quality and quantity. Tracking your sleep patterns is good at managing your sleep quality.

7. Regulate Your Sun Exposure and recording sound

Some smart jewelry have a UV sensor. This allows you to regulate the amount of sun you are getting. Apart from censoring UV rays can track vitamin D intake. When the sun is too much it can signal to take a shade.

You can also use smart jewelry to record sound. This sounds awesome right. What’s more? Such kind of bracelet is small and can be worn as a hair clip or bracelet. You can record an ongoing meeting or even a lecture.

8. Regulating wrist Temperatures

This is great especially for women whose wrist temperatures keep changing. When your wrist is too warm, the jewelry can notify you then find ways to regulate it.

Final words

Having a stylish and functional one is even greater. Smart jewelry is found as bracelets, necklaces, and rings too. They are trendy too. Unlike when they were freshly manufactured, now they come in small beautiful sizes. If you don’t have you should consider getting one.

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