Top 10 Best Fitness Tracker for Kids 2018

Exercise is very important, especially if you have kids that are growing up. With technology being more involved with our lives every day, exercise is seen less and less in children. Kids nowadays are just glued to their phones or their computers.

But, making your kids exercise shouldn’t be too much of a problem if you know how to do it correctly. We suggesting buying them a fitness tracker, and we’re going to help you find the best fitness tracker for kids. Take a look at our guide below on picking the top kids fitness trackers.

Tips on Selecting the Best Fitness Trackers for Kids

When you’re looking for the best fitness tracker for kids, there is not a lot of science to it. We highly recommend getting a Fitbit for kids since Fitbit is one of the best companies to buy a fitness tracker from. However, we do have some general guidelines on how to pick the best top kids fitness trackers.

  • Understand What You’re Looking For

Best Fitness Trackers

One of the most important things to know when you’re buying a gift for your kid is understanding what you’re looking for. As a parent, you may think that you know what’s best for your kid but honestly, the best way to find out is to simply just ask them.

Find out what they like, what they dislike, and with this information, it can help you narrow down your searches. Remember that the goal is to find something that they like, something that will make them go crazy excited.

  • Plan a Budget

Anyone who has ever said that kids are cheap are either lying or rich. Raising children can be pretty expensive especially when it comes to toys. They always want more and more so setting a budget for yourself when you’re looking to buy a fitness tracker is very important.

It will help you avoid overspending and will also guide you towards a direction where your kid will be happy and you not having to break your wallet.

  • Having Fun Is the Most Important

We get it and we’ve all been there. Sometimes shopping for your kid can be a chore. But don’t look at it that way. Learn to enjoy the time you spend to make your children happy. The best part of this is that you’re buying something that will help encourage exercise and increase their happiness. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your children.

Top 10 Best fitness Tracker for Kids 2018

Fitness Tracker #1: LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker

LeapFrog is one of the most exciting children’s brands today because everything they sell is dedicated to children. The LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker is one of the most popular fitness trackers for kids in the market. This particular one comes in the color pink so if you have a girl, this adorable little device is sure to motivate her to exercise while keeping her entertained and happy.

However, do know that if you have boys, the LeapFrog LeapBand also comes in other colors as well. If your kid is into either blue or green, then you are in luck.


  • Designed For Fun: The LeapFrog LeapBand is designed to be attractive to all children of any age.
  • Activity Challenges: The The LeapFrog LeapBand comes preloaded with 50 active challenges that will get your kid moving like an energizer bunny.
  • Great For Exercise: Not only is the LeapFrog LeapBand fun, but it’s designed for exercise in mind to keep your kids happy and healthy.


  • Great for children between 4 – 7 years old
  • Very affordable
  • Lots of satisfied customers have bought this
  • Contains many physical activities for your kids


  • Activities can seem very babyish
  • Battery life is not very good
  • Step tracker may not be very accurate

Fitness Tracker #2: Garmin Vivofit JR. – Digi Camo

Garmin vivofit JR

We all know Garmin as the company that makes GPS for cars but they’re also into the fitness tracker market for kids as well. Because they’ve done so well as a GPS company, you can expect great things out of Garmin as far as fitness tracker for kids go.

We’ve had the pleasure of being able to try out the Garmin Vivofit JR. – Digi Camo. And let us tell you that it was a blast. It’s simple, cool, and comes in a number of colors that are great for both girls and boys; there’s no discrimination there.


  • 1 Year Battery Life: The Garmin Vivofit JR. – Digi Camo comes with a 1 year battery life so that you don’t have to recharge
  • Built For Kids: The Garmin Vivofit JR. – Digi Camo is built to be tough so if your kids want to play rough, the fitness tracker will stay tough
  • Mobile App Compatible: This is compatible with the parent mobile app. The app comes with fun and educational activities for kids


  • Comes with good battery life
  • Is made by a great company specializing in GPS
  • Very cool looking
  • Portable and compact


  • Not water proof
  • Not very compatible with Android phones
  • Sometimes does not sync very well

Fitness Tracker #3: iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

iBitz Kids Activity Tracker

The iBitz Kids Activity Tracker is a throwback to how beepers used to look like back in the old days. While we don’t expect many people to remember the beeper days, your kid can relive some of your old times with the iBitz Kids Activity Tracker.

One of the more appreciated things about the iBitz Kids Activity Tracker is that it is incredibly affordable. It was designed for parents that are more conscious about their spending. While you might not be able to expect many great things out of the iBitz Kids Activity Tracker, it is still a recommended buy as it is not always better to buy more expensive.


  • Wireless Capability: The iBitz Kids Activity Tracker has a wireless activity tracker for your kids
  • Tough Clip: The iBitz Kids Activity Tracker comes with a tough clip to securely attach itself to the hip or shoe
  • Water Resistant: If your kid is around water a lot, you can feel safe knowing that the iBitz Kids Activity Tracker is water resistant
  • Compatibility: The iBitz Kids Activity Tracker is compatible with a number of devices, including popular phones such as the iPhone. You can also use the iPad or iPod touch with it as well


  • Very affordable
  • Has a lot of fun activities to do
  • Syncs with many popular devices
  • Step tracker is very accurate


  • Might come off as cheap and flimsy
  • Updating the app sometimes crashes altogether
  • Company is no longer in business

Fitness Tracker #4: LeapFrog LeapBand, Blue

LeapFrog LeapBand

There’s a reason why you’re going to see a number of LeapFrog LeapBand on our review list. LeapFrog is one of the most popular kid fitness tracker brands in the market. Not only is it cool, but it’s cheap and has lot of great features that its competitors have.

Out of all the fitness trackers we’ve had for our children, their favorite by far has always been the LeapFrog LeapBand. This model in particular comes in the color blue but it also comes in 2 other colors like pink and green.


  • Fun Physical Activities: One of the most popular physical activities is Compete For The Cup. Play games with your kids and reward them for their activity
  • Reward System: What better way to exercise your kids then to turn it into a game? The LeapFrog LeapBand comes with a reward system every time your kid accomplishes a physical goal
  • Virtual Pets: The LeapFrog LeapBand comes with virtual pets that your kids can pick from. Another activity for your kid to enjoy.


  • Contains a lot of fun physical activities for kids to enjoy
  • Designed to be very children friendly
  • Awesome blue color design for blue-admirers
  • Very affordable


  • Band strap can be a little stiff to adjust
  • Not great for kids that are older than 7 years old
  • Does not come in multiple languages

Fitness Tracker #5: UNICEF Kid Power Wireless Activity Bluetooth Band

The UNICEF Kid Power Wireless Activity Bluetooth Band is another fitness tracker for kids that is gaining a lot of popularity in the market today. The UNICEF Kid Power Wireless Activity Bluetooth Band is slim, modern, and amazingly cool for any kid to have.

One of the best things we liked about the UNICEF Kid Power Wireless Activity Bluetooth Band is that it’s great for outdoor use. It’s perfect for children that love to play outside so the wear-and-tear damage isn’t as bad.


  • Built Tough: Designed to withstand aging as well as wear-and-tear. Great for outdoors and sports
  • Wireless: The UNICEF Kid Power Wireless Activity Bluetooth Band is connected wireless and controlled by Bluetooth
  • Water Resistant: You can rest assured that dunking this fitness tracker will not ruin it
  • Long Lasting Battery: The battery is built to last up to 25 hours without charging it.
  • Step Tracker: The UNICEF Kid Power Wireless Activity Bluetooth Band comes with an accurate step tracker for your kids


  • Great for outdoors and sports
  • Long lasting battery included
  • Lasts a while after charging
  • Fitness tracker has been highly reviewed by other happy customers


  • Warranty is not as great
  • Band quality not as good
  • Slightly pricier than other fitness trackers for kids

Fitness Tracker #6: Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker, Magenta

Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker

Let us start off by saying that our girl loves the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker. It comes in a beautiful magenta color that is perfect for both children and adults. My wife sometimes steal the fitness tracker from our girl just because they both love it so much.

One of the things that they like about the Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker so much is that it tracks steps, calories burned, and also distance traveled. Not many other fitness tracker for kids will track these important things.


  • Automatic Sync: The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker automatically synchronizes to your computer when it’s connected via Bluetooth
  • Highly Compatible: The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is able to sync with over 150 leading smartphones
  • Long Battery Life: The replaceable watch battery can last up to 6 months without recharging
  • Water Resistant: The Fitbit Zip Wireless Activity Tracker is both colorful and water resistant so you don’t have to worry about getting it wet


  • Great for both adults and kids
  • Comes with a great set of instructions and troubleshooting solutions
  • Also gives you the time like a watch
  • Works on an elliptical as well


  • Customer support can be a struggle
  • May count steps while driving or sitting
  • Battery drains very quickly

Fitness Tracker #7: Toprime Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

Toprime Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

Our children were very interested in checking their heart rates when they were exercising and the Toprime Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Watch was perfect for that. This fitness tracker is more centered towards heart rate monitoring in addition to other features as well.

One of the best things we liked about this is that it’s great for both adults and children. Whenever we use this together as a family, we’re able to track and keep record of how everyone is doing physically. This gives us close monitoring to our kids’ health, which we really appreciate as it is very important to us.


  • Sleep Tracker: The Sleep Full Monitoring feature tracks how long and how well you sleep
  • Water Resistant: Keep your mind in peace knowing that water will not break the Toprime Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Watch
  • OLED Touch Screen: The beautiful OLED touch screen lets you read steps, track your heart rate, and more
  • Water Drinking Reminder: The Toprime Heart Rate Monitor Fitness Activity Tracker Watch comes with a function that reminds you when to drink water. This way, you’ll always be fully hydrated


  • Includes many advanced features for kids and adults
  • Contains a remote control camera
  • Can be worn while in the shower
  • Can detect heart rate while swimming


  • Connectivity can sometimes be troublesome
  • Instructions are not very clear for setting tracker up
  • Synchronizing data can be slow

Fitness Tracker #8: Sqord Activity Tracker

Sqord Activity Tracker

If we could sum up the Sqord Activity Tracker in a couple of words, it would be that it is a load of fun. It comes with a large number of physical activities that is sure to get your kids moving.

One of the things that attracted us to the Sqord Activity Tracker is that a study showed a 55% increase in activity level amongst inactive 5th graders. Because our focus is to get our kids more physically active, we wanted to look for a fitness tracker that delivered results. The Sqord Activity Tracker fit that description perfectly.

  • Exercise Made Fun: The Sqord Activity Tracker comes with a reward system that lets you collect points and win rewards
  • Create A Character: Add some fun to exercise because the Sqord Activity Tracker allows you to create a virtual character for your kid so that it helps motivate them to exercise more
  • Created By A Startup: One of the best reasons to do business with startups is that they’re much more involved with the customer than big named companies. Sqord is dedicated to healthier kids through fun exercise


  • Great for kids that love having fun
  • Result driven fitness tracker
  • 100% controllable by parents
  • Long lasting battery life up to 9 months without charging


  • App set up is difficult
  • Activity tracking not very accurate
  • Strap can be uncomfortable to the wrists

Fitness Tracker #9: Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker

Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker

The Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker is one of our favorite top fitness trackers for kids because it looks very similar to a Fitbit without paying the high price. It comes in a variety of colors that’s great for both boys and girls.

The Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker is lightweight and comes with an advanced feature that alerts you where your fitness tracker is. This feature is useful for those that lose their things so at the sound of the alarm, you’re able to locate your Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker very easily.


  • Many Features: Incoming call alerts, alarm sound alerts, and more. The Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker has a lot of features that many fitness trackers don’t have
  • Compatibility: The Lintelek Smart Band Step Tracker is compatible with both Android and Apple phones
  • Long Lasting Battery: Battery lasts about 7 – 10 days while on standby and 4 days on operating time
  • Great Design: Its modern and beautiful design mimics FitBit’s design. It’s also cheaper if you have low budget


  • Comes with many advanced features
  • Amazing battery life
  • Lots of color options to pick from
  • Highly affordable


  • Not as great as the real Fitbit.
  • Battery can drain fairly quickly.

Final Verdict

Out of all the top fitness tracker for kids that we’ve reviewed, the only one that stood out was the LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker. Even though it’s not a Fitbit for kids, it is still very similar in terms of features. Best of all, it’s much cheaper and has far more activities that your kids can be a part of. The goal of getting a fitness tracker is to encourage your children to exercise more and the LeapFrog LeapBand Activity Tracker does the job perfectly well.

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