Best Smart Jewelry Reviews 2018 – You Should Check This Wearable Tech Jewelry

Probably you are bored with the traditional jewelry, which are not fashionable and their design is old . Things are changed nowadays. These smart jewelry come in latest fashion and features and are growing popularity day by day.

There is no denying it, but the advent of technological tools has made various aspects of our day to day lives convenient. In particular, solutions such as the best smart jewelry have been designed to provide various user benefits.

These best wearable tech jewelry not only help to complement your casual wear, but they are also incorporated with special technology.

This special technology helps you to track your health and to stay in line with your unique health goals. We have identified some of the top fitness jewelry brands and buyers guide as well.

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Best Smart Jewelry Buyers Guide

  • Design construction

Perhaps the first important aspect of any good wearable tech jewelry relates to the design construction. Simply put, you want jewelry that embodies certain values.

This includes a durable, comfortable, compact and appealing design. Some of the high-end jewelries are available with silicone, titanium or high-quality nylon construction.

  • Smart features

There are several types of jewelry and with as many different capabilities. In particular, a good brand does well to monitor specific aspects of your overall fitness regime.

In most cases, these units can often track aspects such as your steps, personal goals, activity level and more.

These metrics are then customized to provide you with practical information for achieving your unique physical health goals.

Health optimization features

A good smartwatch can monitor your breathing, and it provides various breathing techniques to relieve stress and to improve internal focus.

It should also be able to tack your sleek and to provide tips on optimizing your rest periods. All this data is often stored in activity log that can track your movement all throughout the day.

Other technology jewelry can even be used to track the menstrual cycle of a woman. In fact, it can track the period and ovulation cycles which is an important aspect of your overall health.

  • Syncing features

Further lending to the superior design of any good smart fitbit jewelry is that it should provide convenient syncing features.

To be specific, the unit should be able to connect wirelessly with your Smartphone for improved data management. Most high-end technology jewelry is compatible with Android and Apple phones as well.

Other Considerations: 

  • Brand – similar to purchasing any technology ensures that you settle for brands that have high-value products.
  • Availability of accessories – consider investing in a smartwatch that has convenient accessories available for replacement processes.
  • Alarm and alert features- good fitness jewelry can also inform you when it’s time to workout or perhaps nudge you to wake up as well.

Best Smart Wearable Jewelry 2018 for Women

1.  Health tracker bracelet IPX7 Waterproof with 925 Sterling SilverSmart Jewelry, health tracker bracelet

Discover the excellence of the SWAROVSKI Crystals bracelet that is designed to provide various benefits.

This smart piece of jewelry is ideal for tracking your health, and it also provides useful reminders.

This makes it ideal for maintaining your active lifestyle. The inclusion of an activity tracker does well to record your daily activities such a distance and steps.

Users will also appreciate the sleep quality monitor, which does well to recognize your state automatically.


  • This best tech jewelry comes with an activity tracker
  • It also has a unique sleep quality monitor
  • The anti lost feature and remote camera control make it convenient
  • This health tracker bracelet has an SOS feature for added performance


  • The tech jewelry does not have a smartphone syncing

2. Kate Spade “Hinge Bangle Tracker” Kate Spade Bangle Activity Tracker BraceletKate Spade Bangle Activity Tracker Bracelet

Looking for good activity tracker bracelet for your needs? Well, consider the Kate Spade Hinge Bangle Tracker that lets you automatically connect to an app for convenience.

This tracker can monitor your steps, sleep and various other habits as well. With its water-resistant design, this unit can withstand various aspects.

This includes withstanding splashes and brief immersion in water. Best of all, the developers have done well to ensure that its both durable and comfortable on the user’s hands.


  • This wearable tech jewelry comes with a water-resistant design
  • It also connects automatically to an app for convenience
  • The app can track your steps, sleep and various other habits


  • The strap is prone to damage especially during physical workouts

3. Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker, Silver Edition Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker

Equip yourself with the Bellabeat Leaf Nature health tracker. This tracker can track your breathing during exercises, and it also helps you manage and relieve stress.

Furthermore, this leaf jewelry comprises of special sleep logs that help to observe your quality and quantity of sleep. An important aspect of these leaf urban reviews is that it offers sufficient guidance on how to achieve the ideal rest level once you sleep.

Furthermore, the watch has special activity logs that track your movement all throughout the day. Besides that, the watch will provide advice on how to optimize your activity and lifestyle.


  • This technology jewelry helps to log your sleep
  • It also has special monthly cycles and tracks your reproductive health
  • The Bella beat leaf comes with a smart alarm
  • It also tracks your breathing as you exercise


  • The breathing exercises require some additional information

4. V-Moro Fitbit Flex 2 Bands Size Stainless Steel Metal BraceletV-Moro Fitbit Flex 2 Bands Size Stainless Steel Metal Bracelet

Make a good impression with your overall health regime by investing in the V-Moro Fitbit Flex Band smartwatch. This smartwatch is simple to use and comfortable as well.

It can be worn as a flex 2 in chain bracelet. Besides that, users can also lock and unlock the bracelet by simply pressing or pushing without falling off.

It also comes with a special case that has a hole which makes it simple to view the colr coded lights easily. As a result, you won’t miss any important calls or messages when using the Flex 2 bracelet.

The stainless steel design of the chain does well to match your favorite jewelry or clothing. With its modern and elegant design, this bracelet does well to complete your casual wear.


  • This wearable tech jewelry is available with special color-coded design
  • It also has durable and comfortable material construction
  • The wearable tech jewelry can be worn as a flex two chain bracelet


  • The exterior structure of the jewelry is prone to fading

5. Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker | Rose GoldBellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker | Rose Gold

Enjoy the benefit of next-generation health technology by using the Bellabeat Leaf Nature Health Tracker. This unit can track various aspect of health regime including distance moved, calories burned and steps as well.

Taking things to the next level, this health tracker also monitors your sleep quality and quantity, which is important for your well being. This leaf Bella beat helps you to manage the effects of stress through specific guided meditations and breathing exercises.

Female users can also benefit from the menstrual cycle tracking feature. It can also sync wireless with an app and transfer all your data.


  • This tracker helps you monitor sleep quantity and quality
  • It also helps you to manage stress through special meditations
  • This smart jewelry cuff also allows female users to keep track of their menstrual cycle


  • Some of the guided breathing meditations are inaccurate

6. Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker | SilverBellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker | Silver

The Bellabeat Leaf Urban Health Tracker is ideal for tracking your activity, reproductive health and sleep quality as well. It can help you to cope with the effects of stress through special breathing exercises.

In particular, this jewelry is ideal for using a tracking system that is ideal for your health and for giving practical reminders. The Bella beat urban can also track your monthly cycles including the ovulation, conception intake, and awareness.

The tracker can be used to track your sleep patterns thereby revealing the quantity and quality of your sleep. It can also wake you up gently in the morning and gives reminders for you to stay active.


  • This health tracker can track your distance steps and calories burned
  • It also monitors your stress level through special breathing cycles
  • This jewelry cuff can monitor your menstrual and reproductive cycle


  • The monthly menstrual cycle is not useful for some users

If you are looking a kids GPS tracker necklace you can check Per Children GPS Tracker Positioning Necklace Personal Locator.

7. Fitbit Flex 2, Black (US Version)Fitbit Flex 2

Become better at tracking your overall health by using the Fitbit Flex 2 jewelry. This particular brand is ideal for tracking various aspect of your active lifestyle.

This includes tracking your steps, active minute and calories burned. With its swim proof design, this jewelry is ideal for use in the ocean, shower or perhaps during rainy weather. It also has a special smart-track feature that automatically recognizes your workouts and records them.

Users can also get call and text notifications on the wrist with special vibration patterns. This jewelry can also automatically track the duration of your sleep, and it provides a silent alarm to wake you with a small vibration.


  • This tech jewelry provides text and phone notifications
  • It also has a unique smart-track feature
  • This wearable tech also has high quality and sleep logs


  • It’s difficult to replace the battery for some users

8. Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep MonitorMisfit Shine - Activity and Sleep Monitor

Realize what it takes to meet your unique health and fitness goals in the modern society by using the Misfit Shine Activity and Sleep monitor. This unit has been designed to be swim-proof and with a unique aircraft grade anodized aluminum construction.

Besides that, users will also appreciate that it has a white LED progress and time display for added functionality. This best activity and sleep monitor can also be used to sync your smartphone and to upload user data.

The watch can be used to automatically track distance, calories, and steps. With its unique non-charging design, this unit can function for as many as six months.


  • This sleep monitor comes with aircraft grade anodized aluminum material
  • It also has a white LED that shows progress and time
  • This best tech jewelry can also sync wirelessly with your smartphone


  • Smartphone syncing sometimes brings up unexpected errors

9. Michael Kors “Access Activity Tracker” Crosby Silicone BraceletMichael Kors "Access Activity Tracker

Light, appealing and comfortable. These are just some of the benefits of using the Micheal Kors Access activity tracker.

This particular tracker comes with a special matte navy mother of pearl face that is embellished with a special silicone bracelet.

Besides that, the watch is also powered using a special mobile application and its compatible with various types of phones. The bracelet can also be used to create programmable options such as taking selfies or playing music.


  • This tracker comes with a matte navy pearl face
  • It also has a faceted blue silicone material construction
  • The leaf jewelry is comfortable and practical as well


  • The mobile app takes time to learn the functionalities

10. Kate spade new york scallop rose gold-tone activity tracker

Kate Spade "Hinge Bangle Activity Tracker Bracelet

Are you searching for the perfect solution to take your health to the next level? Well, the Kate Spade activity tracker is the perfect solution for your needs.

This particular track can be connected to the app for added user convenience. Additionally, this unit can track your sleep, steps and personal goals as well.

Taking things to the next level, this tracker also provides alerts, controls music and can take selfies as well. The best part is that it comes with a powerful battery that can last for as many as six months.

The activity tracker has a gold-tone bangle and white mother of pearl tracker discs for added performance.


  • This leaf jewelry can track your steps, sleep and personal goals
  • It also has special alert features
  • This best tech jewelry has a rose gold tone design with a compact material


  • The exterior design is prone to fading after extensive use

6 Reasons why you need A Smart Jewelry

Jewelry has been there for centuries in different cultures. People wear them to improve the overall appearance as well as to show the social class. With a smart outfit, you can accompany it with smart tech jewelry. Earrings, necklaces, rings, bracelets, and watches, are among the most common jewelry worn today. When you are presented with an opportunity to shine, consider choosing wearable jewelry.

Today, you will find many options to the consumer in terms of varieties of classy jewelry. Wearing smart tech jewelry is a way of combining great styles and latest technology. New technologies are incorporated into jewelry designs to increase their functionality. I will share reasons why you need to wear tech jewelry.

1. Every one requires technology jewelry in their closets.

There is no point of purchasing jewelry that you will only wear once. It is better to have few, but beautiful jewelry. Stylish jewelry complements your outfit. Your expensive clothing needs to be accompanied by smart accessories.

2. Fashion demands that you must be choosy in the type of jewelry you select to accompany your outfit.

Jewelry has a great impact on your dressing. They can transform your outfit from an ugly one to that which stands out and makes you noticeable. Wearable tech jewelry is a tool that one can use to build their self-confidence.

3. Quality jewelry describes your social status

Different communities and cultures have jewelry that is unique to them. The materials that are used to make jewelry differ though the style and fashion may remain the same. Smart jewelry showcases your position in the society. Gold and diamond jewelry has been used for years to imply the social standing of the wearer. Take the example of the emperors, pharaohs, and monarchs.

4. Classy jewelry has become one way of appreciating technology

Today we have jewelry with important features. Like we have smartwatches that have features that are similar to what we have in the smartphone. You can text, take your blood pressure, heart rate using a smartwatch. There are hosts of jewelry that can connect and communicate via Bluetooth. Classy jewelry is one way of appreciating modern technology.

5. Wearable technology also serves as an indicator of your style

Jewelry is designed for different occasions. What you wear for a party is different from what you will wear to an office or formal meeting. The jewelry you choose sends a message of your knowledge of current trends in the fashion industry and what should be worn when. There are rules that govern jewelry fashion. The choice of refined jewelry is closely tied to out personalities.

Finally, another reason why you need smart Wearable technology jewelry is to have unique gifts that you give to those close to you.

A valuable gift for your loved ones must be smart and of top quality. The type of gift you give to your loved ones implies how you value them. I believe you now know the reasons why you to invest in a technology jewelry.

Advantages of A Smart Jewelry

The Tech world is always striking and dynamic at the same time. Consumers globally can have the best of their share when it comes to fitness tracker necklace. This is credited to the new innovations that fight to leave the memorable mark.

From smart watches, activity tracking wristbands, bracelets, rings to modern necklaces, technology has found its place with these necessities. Remember, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Tremendous benefits have been fronted with an incredible touch on user tastes and preferences.

Notably, slightly over 53 percent of US smart home technology ownership owes reduced energy bills to smart tech. remarkably, this research helps you grasp the advantages fitness tracker jewelry brings into human life and other related aspects.

#1: The much-needed information

Yes! Information is power for a reason. Modern gps jewelry and many other devices come with apps that are easy to use and customize.  They can also suit an individual’s lifestyle according to needs.

Impressively, wearable smart tech can provide you with the real-time information you need instantly. This can significantly help you respond to specific needs or whatever is happening in the environment.

  • How do these gadgets change your life?

If you want to be reminded of an appointment, your next flight time, a social media update notification, that morning run session or the need to understand your sugar levels plus much more, it is all a tab away.

The market is awash with smartwatches able to make calls, including receiving calls and messages apart from updating you the time. Incredibly, the smart world isn’t done yet.

  • What else can you expect?

In addition, some of today’s fitbit jewelry comes with installable applications that help you accomplish a lit.

For instance, you can measure burnt calories, monitor your sleep quality, and help women respond well to the menstrual cycle among many other benefits.

Moreover, gadgets like Google pair of glasses help you enjoy a virtual display that suits your surroundings. Besides, the glasses assist one to record information. You can also convert the same data into diverse linguistics.

  • The extra benefits

Outstandingly, all these gadgets are discreetly able to relay information with zero disturbances to those around regardless of time.Ultimately, you are able to make precise decisions surrounding your health and those beyond yourself.

#2: The fashion quest

Smart technology has brought in an interesting sense of glamour and touch of class for all.The modern consumer is able to discern fitness jewelry looks without compromising on smart gadget performance and functionality.

  • Fashion and your world

Tech-savvy firms have filled the market space with all sizes of smart tech gadgets like the pads, phones, glasses, among others. These complement the fashion quest among the diverse user’s across the globe.

Inevitably, most of the firms behind these technologies still find an immense need to do research on the ever-evolving demands.

  • Are women left out?

Undoubtedly, for ladies, who would also want cool and beautiful wear-on, this smart tech choice fulfillsthis perfectly. Fashion is simply behind any major take off when it comes to s activity tracker necklace The unique and variety available of leaf tracker the more the modern consumer has options to choose from.

Other benefits of smart tech jewelry

  • Provide hands-on entertainment convenience
  • Designed to embrace Environmentally-friendly functionalities

Wrapping it Up

It has been a long guide of bolts and nuts about choosing the wearable tech jewelry. Now you have more information on exactly what you need in order to have smart fitness jewelry that meets your need.

In this review I did my best to select only the best smart jewelry. So take your time and choose what will perfect for you.

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