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Fitbit Blaze Special Edition Review

If you need a stylish watch that has all the smart fitness features which will enable you to get the most out of your everyday casual workout, this could be a sensible choice.

Fitbit Blaze is a nicely assembled watch that will motivate you to start and continue exercising without defaulting. In fact, it is one of the best trending work-out aid brands that are affordable and put the interests of the user before anything else.

As a beginner you just need a few smartwatch utilities incorporated and you will be good to go. Let’s go deeper and allow you to learn more about the Fitbit Blaze Special.

Fitbit Blaze Special Edition, Gold, Pink, Small (5.5 - 6.7 inch) (US Version)

This Watch is Best for

  • Helping you to track your workout routine
  • Monitoring your every performance
  • Analysis how you are faring on
  • A nice gift for a friend
  • That person who works out without a monitoring device
  • A work-out hobbyist

Features of Fitbit Blaze Special Edition

Special Features

The most admirable thing about the Fitbit Blaze Special Edition is its special features. The ones you will seldom find in other work-out devices. They include;

  • Pure Pulse a mechanism that will monitor the rate of your heartbeat
  • Multi-sport modes which will improve your exercise after analyzing your workout trends
  • GPS that will track your movements and
  • FitStar application which will let you get expert experience even if you are just working out for fun.

Active and Personalized Style

Furthermore, you will be able to do a lot with Fitbit Blaze Special Edition because of how fun it can be. You can track everything you do from sleeping, running, walking, cycling to anything you think of doing. There are smart notifications that will remind you when to move and when not to move.

Another cool thing is the interchangeable wristband and differently colored frame. You will be able to pick the color that goes with your outfit. The custom clock faces and hi-res color touchscreen will allow you to pick a style for all occasions.

Modern Applications

Fitbit Blaze Special Edition features a swift Bluetooth wireless technology that will allow you to send notifications to your smartphone. It Bluetooth also enables automatic synchronization to a nearby computer or tablet, that is if you prefer them over a phone. You also get connected to GPS services with the aid of a localized internet connection.

Custom Design

To add on that, Fitbit Blaze Special Edition is a classic band designed to be flexible and durable. This is because of the elastomer material, which is a common material in sports and workout watches. Elastomer incorporates surgical grade stainless steel with a buckle and frame that will allow you to fit the device nicely around your wrist.

Summary of Features

  • Bluetooth wireless connection technology
  • FitStar application for enhanced workout
  • Compatibility with android, mac, and windows
  • GPS connection
  • Notification and reminders platform
  • Heartbeat tracker
  • Gold-plated stainless steel buckle
  • A long battery life
  • Dependable work-out tracker
  • Multiple strap adjustments
  • A nicely colored display screen
  • Attractive design
  • It is comfortable as it fits
  • It's heavy
  • It's expensive
  • Not for swimming and showering

Why Should you Buy the Fitbit Blaze Special Edition?


One of the main reasons why you should buy this fitness watch is if you are just getting into the exercising trend and you still do basic workouts. In short, this device is for someone who just getting started. A person who also likes to exercise but is not taking it seriously could put this gadget to some good use.

Tracking your routine

Additionally, Fitbit Blaze comes with a FitStar service which is a social utility that will help you start on a good note and continue exercising consistently because the nice touches incorporated track your routines and record them.

Customize settings

Besides the colored screen makes this watch a nice option. With a variety of customization settings, you will be able to choose a settings mode that suits your mood and feel good wearing it all day.

Final Verdict

Fitbit Blaze Special Edition is a reliable and wearable device which combines versatility and flexibility to give you, a work-out beginner all the psych you need to become fit. It also a friendly gadget because it houses so many cool features.

You will actually find it as a next-generation work-out helper. It is stylish and has a unique design, with a stainless steel touch. In short, Fitbit Blaze Special is everything you need to attain your goals.

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