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How to Reset Fitbit Charge 3

Charge 3 model from Fitbit is the company’s one of the most accomplished devices yet. With excellent battery life and the best fitness tracking, it offers you tons of features. Some even call it the jack of all trades!

This model comes with advanced technology to monitor all your activities, including and not limited to exercise, heart rate, sleep, and whatnot.

If one day this companion of your starts to behave strangely and not work as expected, there is no saying that you will get frustrated.

Now, it’s not too uncommon to face some minor problems with any of your smart devices. If you happen to own a Charge 3, you might have experienced a problem or two throughout its usage.

You can easily work out this issue simply by knowing how to reset Fitbit Charge 3. In this article we’ll guide you step by step on how to reboot and reset your Fitbit, thus making it good as new.Reset Fitbit Charge 3

Common Fitbit Problems

There are some issues that many Fitbit users face that are quite easily solvable. The most common of them is the syncing issue.

The tracker syncs with android devices through Bluetooth which sometimes can be unreliable. Because of this, you might not receive notifications from your android too.

Other issues include charging problems, updating issues, etc. Most of the time resetting the tracker makes the Fitbit come to its senses.

The resetting of it can be done in two ways depending on the severity of the issue. First, you can reboot the device. And if it doesn’t work, then give it a factory reset.

How to Restart Fitbit Charge 3

There are two ways to restart your device. One is by digitally while you are wearing it and the other is through a button.

Digitally Restarting Fitbit Charge 3

1. Swipe right from the clock face
2. Go to the Settings screen
3. Scroll down the screen and find ‘About’
4. Tap the About option and scroll down
5. Tap the Reboot Device
6. Tap the Check mark below

Now you just have to wait for a few seconds to let it restart. When the normal watch face reappears, it means your tracker has restarted.How to Reset Fitbit Charge 3

Manually Restarting the Fitbit Charge 3

Sometimes, the Fitbit freezes, and you can’t go to the Settings option. In that case, you have to use the charging cable.

1. Connect the tracker with the charging clamp
2. Plug the charging cable into a USB port
3. Check if the button on the tracker is in line with the button opening of the charger. You’ll notice a battery icon on the display and the tracker will vibrate.
4. Press and hold the button for eight seconds
5. The tracker will start rebooting,and you’ll notice a smile icon on the display. Release the button at this point

After a few more seconds, the Fitbit Charge 3 will show its usual watch face. This means the tracker has restarted successfully.

Factory Reset

Factory reset, also known as ‘hard reset,’ is done if restarting does not solve the software issues that were stated earlier.

You can also reset your tracker to its factory settings if you are planning to sell or giving it to someone else.
Also, keep in mind that a factory reset will erase all your data off the Charge 3.

How to Factory Reset Fitbit Charge 3

1. From the watch face swipe right
2. Go to the Settings screen
3. Scroll down the screen and find ‘About’
4. Tap the About option and scroll down
5. Tap the option Clear User Data
6. A disclaimer message will appear saying, “This will unpair your device & you will lose any unsynced data.” Hit the check button below.

That’s it! After a few seconds of waiting, your Fitbit tracker has been reset successfully.


Now that you know how to reset Fitbit charge 3 to factory settings, it is necessary to be careful not to lose all your data. Because hard resetting any device erases all apps and personal data stored in it.

These data include alarms, notifications, goals, and anything that hasn’t yet been synced on the Fitbit account. So, do not forget to save all of your data by syncing or exporting.

Export all your data by choosing ‘Data Export’ from the Dashboard menu. Instruction will be emailed to you describing how to complete the data transport.

Final Words

This article has shown you all the steps of how to reset Fitbit charge 3. Now you can track all your daily activities without any hiccup.

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