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Tips for Using Kids Fitness Watch

7 Simple Tips for Using Kids Fitness Watch

Living a healthy life is the biggest honor you can do to your body or life in general. This will involve monitoring how your body is performing especially the physical…

How to Reset Fitbit Charge 3

How to Reset Fitbit Charge 3

Charge 3 model from Fitbit is the company’s one of the most accomplished devices yet. With excellent battery life and the best fitness tracking, it offers you tons of features….

Apple Watch Series 4 Review

The most recent Smart Watch from Apple. With greater performance, more features and, superb capabilities. When is a watch not a watch? When it is much, much more than just…

Kate Spade Smartwatch Features

Kate Spade Smartwatch Review – Hybrid Smart Watch for Women

Are you searching an honest hands-on Kate Spade Smartwatch review? You just found it! Must read full reviews & features of the Hybrid Smart Watch for Women. Before adding the…

Invicta 8926ob

Invicta 8926ob Review : Men’s Stainless Steel Watch with Bracelet

Invicta 8926ob is a stainless steel watch with a link bracelet. It is one of the most popular pro-diver brands. If you think the Rolex Submariner is a little expensive…