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Skagen Hagen Connected Review – Leather Hybrid Smartwatch for men

I recently bought the Men’s 42mm Skagen Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch. Like most smart watches from this Danish Company, Skagen, it is appealing and stylish. This Smartwatch notifies you whenever your contacts try to reach you via calls, emails or texts. It also monitors all your activities allowing you to set goals and manage your time well enough to achieve them.Skagen Hagen Connected smartwatch

This Hybrid Smartwatch for men will not only track your activities but also your sleep. With all its amazing features, your life can only get better.

This Hybrid Smartwatch is for…

  • Men who love music
  • Those who would like to monitor their activities
  • Guys who are keen to receive calls and reply to texts or emails
  • Anyone interested in knowing the quality of their sleep
  • Those who want to lose some weight
  • Women who want their loved ones to know they care

Skagen Hagen Connected Review & Features

Activity Tracking

The Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch for men can monitor every single activity that you engage in. With it, it is possible to know how many calories you burn every day and the number of steps you take. For how long do you sleep? You can now set targets and waste as little time as possible to achieve them. The time and date adjustments are automatic so at no one time will it ever mislead you.

Customizable Link function

This elegant Smartwatch for men has a customization Skagen link button and Bluetooth connectivity. You can, therefore, do various things. These include taking photos, ringing your phone and even controlling the music that you listen to.Skagen Hagen Connected Review

Stay connected

Sometimes, we are too busy to remember checking our phones. The Hagen Connected Smartwatch for men enables you to stay connected at all times.  You can receive alerts when your friends and workmates try to reach you. It could be a call, a text or even an email- whichever! But, the watch will notify you. It automatically synchronizes with Android OS 4.4 and iPhone5/Ios8.2+, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Long battery life

Unlike some other smart watches, the Hagen Connected Smartwatch for Men is always on. The standard coin cell battery does not need to be charged now and then. When charged, the battery can last up to six months; it all depends on your usage.

Technology and design

This particular Hybrid Smartwatch for men is classic and makes use of the most innovative technology. I always find myself admiring it. The sleek styling makes it more appealing to the eye. It combines modern technology with the most elegant traditional watches.Skagen Men's 42mm Hagen Connected Black Leather Hybrid Smartwatch

Multiple Time Zones

Apart from the fact that the time and date accuracy is automatic, this Smartwatch has multiple time zones. Therefore, you can view the time in other time zones. All you have to do is push the button.

  • It is stylish
  • It has automatic time and date adjustments
  • You can view the time in multiple time zones
  • Tracks all your activities and sleep
  • It doesn’t need to be charged, and the battery life is long
  • It enables you always to stay connected
  • You can’t swim or bath with it

Why should you buy the Leather Hybrid Smartwatch for Men?

You can purchase many other smart watches, but the Skagen Hagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch beats them. It helps you manage your time by tracking everything you do, and this does not stop when you fall asleep. It is also a sleep tracker!

Moreover, it allows you to stay connected all day long. You don’t have to miss important calls or delay replying to texts and emails from friends. It is also easier to have fun especially if the music is your thing. You can control your playlist and pick your favorites.

Another reason is that it has a long battery life (of up to 6 months). You don’t even need to keep on charging it, and hence, the Smartwatch is always on.

The design is irresistible. This Smartwatch is cute and executive at the same time.


Is the Hagen Connected Hybrid Smartwatch specifically designed for men?

No. It is unisex. Women can also wear it, too. But if you are a lady, you'd better find out our reviews on women smartwatches.

Can I use this Hybrid Smartwatch for Men as my fitness tracker?

Yes, you can. It tracks all your activities including the number of calories that you burn every day.

Is it compatible with a Windows phone?

No. the Hagen Hybrid Smartwatch does not work with windows phones. It is only compatible with Android phones (Android OS 4.4 or higher) or iPhone 5(iOS 8.2 or greater)

What happens when a user goes to bed with the watch on?

Nothing will happen. The manufacturer pays attention to comfort.Skagen Hagen Connected

Alternatives Smartwatch

If you are looking for the best smartwatches in the market, there are other quality ones to choose from. You can give these two a chance.

1 BERING Time 70142-004 Mens Smart Traveler Collection Watch

  • Has Bluetooth connection
  • It is Scratch Resistant
  • Automatic time zone switch
  • Has a long battery life (2 years)
  • Has Automatic time synchronization   

2 Men’s 42mm Hagen Connected Stainless Steel Hybrid Smartwatch

  • Metal-Silvertone
  • Classic design and innovative technology
  • Customizable Skagen link button
  • Monitors all your activities
  • Multiple time zones
  • Automatic time and date accuracy
  • Always connected         

 Final Verdict

Most people buy watches because they need to know what time it is. With the Skagen Hagen Connected Leather Hybrid Smartwatch for men, you can do so much more. The watch helps you to manage your time better since it can track everything you do; including your sleep.

You will also be continually connected. You won’t miss important office calls or a text from a close friend. This Hybrid Smartwatch for men can motivate you to lose some pounds if you have been struggling with weight problems.

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