Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Review: Heart Rate Monitor + Activity Tracker

Are you searching for an affordable health tracker that can supplement your diary? Well, then you’d better see this Striiv Fusion Bio 2 review! The new fitness tracker is outranking several traditional heart rate monitoring bracelets in the market today. It is comfortable, elegant and affordable. But it has its bad sides. Do not buy Striiv Fusion before reading this honest review!

The tracker is best for…

  • Athletes and fitness enthusiasts
  • Anyone with heart issues
  • Those living with diabetes and hypertension
  • Anyone who wants to be slender or maintain shape
  • Everyone else who loves smart devices

Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Review & Features

The primary reason why trackers are ‘smart’ is that they have hi-tech features. Any tracker can have the watch and alarm. But, it takes an excellent smart tracker to have heart rate monitors, pedometers, and phone remote control features. The following functions are available in Striiv Fusion Bio 2. You should use the best heart rate monitor-buying guide!


Let the Bio 2 show you the incoming calls, text messages and other data. You can decide to pick the calls or hang up. Then, you can read messages right from the smart wristband. It is also possible for you to receive notifications from your favorite social media apps.

Inbuilt pedometer

The Bio 2 smart bracelet lets you track the number of steps you walk. It also includes the mileage. So, you can find how many steps you cover in an hour. Again, you will find the number of calories you burn during your workout sessions.Striiv Fusion Bio 2 Heart Rate Monitor + Activity Tracker

Heart rate monitor

The Fusion Bio 2 can monitor your heart rate for 24 hours without stopping. The app displays the results. Yet, this does not drain the battery. It is interesting that the battery only dropped 12% during the day long monitoring for this review. It is also possible to do an on-demand heart rate check. But, in this case, the app does not save the results.

Sleep tracker

Sorry to disappoint you- the sleep-tracking feature of the Striiv Fusion Bio 2 was just bad. The bars and graphs are least responsive and do not appear on all the tabs. For instance, the days, hours, weeks and months do not display clearly.

But, it has some nice good days, and thus, the sleep tracker can easily get a 2/10 score. When it works correctly, you can record your sleep patterns. For example, you can see how long you were awake or in deep or light sleep.

Active support

When you write to the Striiv Customer Care, they respond in a day. Noteworthy, they have a way of checking logs remotely. Well, this was not very fascinating for security and anonymity enthusiast. Apart from the privacy concerns, they handle issues well. They advised a friend that the phone was the reason her app kept crashing. After trying it on another phone, the app worked fine.Activity Tracker


You can journal a habit or a requirement, and the tracker will always remind you. For instance, you’d include your diet, weight, hydration, and medication. The smart bracelet’s screen will show you this information. So, you should expect questions like ‘Did you take water?’ Or ‘You should be taking your medication.’

Alarm, schedule, and reminder

You can change the Bio 2’s settings to enhance your diary. The smart wristband will nudge to remind you about the schedule. No doubt, this is convenient because it doesn’t disturb anyone else.


The Striiv Fusion Bio 2’s display would score 5/10. Well, it is intuitive and easy to understand. It shows the time, pedometer stats and distance traveled. Also, you can find the number of calories burnt during your work out and time that you have been active.

However, the band scores 5/10 for display because the screen is not clear in bright daylight. It can work well in low lights. It’s also a little laggy when turning it on- you have to press hard.Striiv Fusion Bio 2 review

Battery charging

A fully charged Bio 2’s lithium-ion battery can go for up to five days without additional charge. If you are a minimalist user, the charge could even last for a week. If you disable the heart rate monitor, it could last for a month! To charge, you need to use the micro-USB cable. The charging takes about two hours.

  • Easy to use
  • Cute
  • Affordable
  • Active support responds in 24 hours
  • Journaling
  • Resilient and durable battery life
  • Displays graphical and bar chats without specific numerical data
  • Screen not clear in bright light
  • Sleep tracking is lethargic

Why Should You Buy the Tracker?

Elegant and ergonomic

The Striiv Fusion Bio 2 tracker is ergonomic. In this regard, we give it 7/10. It is not only comfortable but also has a low profile that makes it stay close to the wrist. It sticks slightly when wearing a jacket. The band is cute, and you can choose from a variety of colors.

Easy to use

It is easy to use, charge and record activities with the Striiv Fusion Bio 2 tracker. It uses a micro USB cable and takes up to 2 hours to attain full charge status. The tracker also syncs data to the app rather quickly. The app is intuitive, and you do not need any specialized knowledge to navigate it. It is also fitting, and comfortable to wear.

However, we rate it at 5/10 because it doesn’t display the exact numerical amounts. Instead, it shows bar charts and graphical statistics. No doubt, this may not be appealing to the majority of users.Striiv Fusion Bio 2


1 Does the tracker Support Windows operating system?

Striiv Fusion Bio 2 runs on the Bluetooth 4.0 technology. If your phone can support that, it’s easy to sync data from the app to the smart wrist band. The tracker’s app also supports Android 4.4 and later, or iOS 8.1+. Of course, any other standard smartphone will also support the Bio 2 tracker.

2 Does the Fusion Bio 2 have a dedicated smartphone app?

Yes. Install MyFitnessPal app onto your phone or tablet.

3 Does the smart bracelet completely replace diet plans?

Striiv Bio 2 does not replace your food. Instead, it works well to help you know what and when you should eat. It also encourages you to work out. Again, it keeps a record of your activities and burning of calories.


Before you purchase the Bio 2, you may like to compare its performance with other brands. Here are some of the Fusion Bio 2 alternatives.

1. Fitbit Alta HR, Black, Small (US Version)

  • Auto sleep tracker
  • Supports iOS, Android, and Windows operating systems
  • Heart monitor
  • Record activity and burnt calories
2. QM Fitness Tracker Health Smart Bracelet
  • Activities record
  • Remote Capturing
  • Music Control
  • Find your phone
  • Wrist Sense
  • Heart monitor

Final Verdict

When your budget is tight, it is never easy to find the best fitness tracker. Fortunately, our reviews get you the best devices at competitive prices. As per this Striiv Fusion Bio 2 review, you note that this smart wristband has a heart rate monitor. It also allows you to record and analyze your weight loss. The band is elegant and easy to use.

Although, its sleep monitoring feature has a bad reputation. But this is over shadowed by the active support, comfortable fitting, and lengthy battery life. The fact that you can even journal using the device makes it worth the money!

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